Infinite Potential

I was coming back from class in Upstate Correctional Facility in Malone when Professor Cowser got to talking about the video games his kids were playing. He made a few cracks about the story quality of their games. I told him he needed to invest in some good intellectual games. One of the girls asked me if there was such a thing as an intellectual game at which point I brought up Bioshock. Bioshock is about a dystopian world based on Ayn Rand’s objectivism philosophy. I felt kinda bad running the girl over like that but she asked for thought provoking in a game and I gave my best example.  Yet, a better example is coming in October when Bioshock Infinite is released. Infinite really intrigues me in its artistic direction and story line. It borrows heavily from the world fairs that occurred in the early 20th century and the industrial revolution to create this conflict of class and ethnicity that one, is really compelling; and two is exceptionally accurate to the climate of American opinions during that time period. All the issues of worker rights and proletariat revolution have been given the kind of time and focus that always add up to an excellent game. Elements of the story line could honestly be used in history classes, also they have a robot George Washington mini-boss and roller coasters for additional elements of awesome.

I think that’s what I enjoy most about video games they cant rely solely on the story line, they need to compel you with actions and examples. You know Infinte’s story is about xenophobia and a society obsessed with American values, but its the implementation of enemies like a clockwork George Washington that really immerse the player in that universe. I’m not great with blogging and the Internet in general but I’ll try to leave you all a link to the developers discussing the robotic George Washington, from there I honestly recommend checking out the rest of the developer releases on Bioshock Infinite. Its going to be one hell of an experience.

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