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It’s been said that artists are their own breed of person. By artists, I mean painters, writers, drawers, sculptors, musicians, designers, decorators, florists, photographers, sidewalk chalk users…anything artsy. Anything. Sometimes it’s nice for artists to be around other artists: to share ideas, to muse together, the works.

Rembrandt’s “An Artist in his Studio,” 1629

On St. Lawrence’s campus, there are theme houses for us artsier folks. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that. You’d be surprised how many of these unknowing students would’ve thrived in such an environment.

One of the theme houses is the Artist Guild.

Photo courtesy of Artist Guild’s Facebook Page.

“The Guild” supports the all-encompassing physical arts of campus. This means that they’re more geared towards creating a piece of work and displaying it. Writers, artists, and sculptors unite! The house is smaller and thus close-knit. They also throw crazy, fun parties and cool events, like Rocky Horror Picture Show viewings, “The Sex Guild” event, and Origami workshops. They work with the Laurentian Magazine on a lot of events.

Picture courtesy of SLU website.

Another one of the theme houses on campus is Java.

Picture courtesy of SLU website.

Java is about live music and, uh, coffee. Not only do they have their own house on campus, but they also run the Java Barn on campus, which brings in live musicians for free, weekend concerts. Not only are the shows big successes, but the house in general is a big success. Java has barn sales in the beginning of the school semesters, which sells school “stuff” for ridiculously low prices. The group there is chill, friendly, and know their music.

Photo courtesy of Java Barn’s Facebook Page.

The final house that I’ll mention is The Annex.

The Annex is the best. Why? Because I live there (ha ha ha).

Click link.

The Annex supports the performing arts. This is defined as playing music, acting, dancing, directing, and all that good stuff. The vibe is pretty relaxed and AWESOME. The house is removed from the other theme houses, which leads to house unity even in one of the biggest theme houses on campus. Also, our parties rock! Some of our events include jam sessions, listening parties, singer/songwriter competitions, and more. Honestly, if I was you, I’d apply here. I did. (Note: this is what bias is.)

ATTENTION: When I say ‘the Annex,’ I now realize that I didn’t mention Xanadu, the theme house added to the newly created third floor of the house. Well, … both the floor and the theme house are new, so I don’t know much about their status, but I know the people are nice and their viewing parties are going to be great this year. I guess we’ll all just have to stay tuned and watch their progress. If you like movies, this is the film buff house and is thus for you.

Photo Credits go to ‘Jennie He.’

Whether you join one of these houses or not is beside the point. Rather, you should just know about these houses and watch for their events. No one supports the arts on campus more than these powerhouse theme houses.

…But really. If you are going to apply to a house and you’re a performing arts artist, …buy a Flannel and check out the Annex.

Photo credits go to this random blog that I’ve never read.


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