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Most of you are familiar with Joseph Gordon-Levitt – 500 Days of Summer, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises – but did you know that he owns hitRECord, an open-collaborative production company that gives profits to contributing artists?  Gordon-Levitt, who founded the company in 2004, created a website (http://www.hitrecord.org) for it in 2009 so that it could be opened up to more artists online!  My friend Sarah Marye, who is also a sophomore here at SLU and a hitRECord user, was the one who first told me about this awesome website.  She started an account, for free, a little over a year ago.  She told me that users can post all forms of art, like stories, poetry, films, photography, designs, music, and illustrations that other users can view.  But this website isn’t an art gallery it’s a “studio,” as Gordon-Levitt says, where people can mix and re-mix the art people post.  This means that you can expand, add to, subtract, and reshape people’s art.  Sarah posts mostly poetry and short stories every few weeks and follows up on changes made to her posts.  When asked how she responds to other users playing around with her art she replies, “It means that someone is inspired so as an artist it’s a compliment for someone to be inspired by your work.”  She also said that users can “recommend” people’s work, kind of like “Liking” things on facebook.  Also, I must mention that if a piece is discovered and published, the profits go to every single contributor of the piece…  Not bad.  This website is something everyone should at least check out because, as Sarah said, it’s interesting to see how people respond actively to your work.  It also gives you the opportunity to respond actively to other pieces – definitely a way to feed our starving artists, and I know we’re hungry!

– Courtney G.

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