Art Colonies

Whether you are a writer, sculptor, dancer, actor, playwright, painter, architect, composer, art critique, musician or in a sense, an artist, there are art colonies to take refuge and fully dedicate to your craft throughout the world.  These artist-in-residence programs can last from a few weeks to several months, allowing artists to produce work in a collaborative, intellectually creative environment.  Some programs require payment for board and meals while others provide grants and financial support.  Applications require a portfolio, a personal statement, references and achievements and a curriculum to describe what the artist’s goals and curriculum are during the stay.

There are many art colonies in the United States that have been established for the last several decades, such as the MacDowell Colony that has existed in New Hampshire since 1907.  In most cases these communities are located in rural, natural settings with individual studios and collective recreational or dining halls.  It would not be surprising to find a colony that isn’t fully connected to phone lines or the internet, because this fosters the idea of a sustainable retreat from regular stresses.

If the possibility of living on a commune for creative residency sounds intriguing, cultivate your talents at an art colony!  Although my current academics aren’t on track with the arts (global studies and multi-language), I wouldn’t mind spending a few weeks to paint non-stop in the middle of nowhere!!

A list of programs worldwide can be found here:

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