The St. Lawrence Fringe

The Artist Guild is looking for submissions for their Fringe Festival, which is going to be held in the spring. They invite any St Lawrence student who wants to showcase their playwriting skills to submit a short play for consideration. The Fringe Festival is being organized as a way to offer students on campus more opportunities to participate in and see theatrical work outside of just the main stage production. It’s also a great way for students to see the sort of dramatic written work that SLU students can produce. It will be a collection of student written, student directed, and student acted short plays, and promises to be vastly entertaining. None of it can happen, however, if students don’t submit plays. No plays, no festival. I strongly urge anyone who has any interest in writing a short play to submit. Or, if you don’t write but are interested in being involved in another way (say, directing, acting, or otherwise), try contacting the Artist Guild to see what they need help with. And be sure to stay tuned for any other fringe related news on campus!




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