“The Bald Soprano” and Other Good Stuff.

What are you doing at 8pm on any day between and including Wednesday, November 7th and Saturday, November 10th? Let me tell you.

You’ll be at SLU’s main stage performance of Eugene Ionesco’s anti-play, “The Bald Soprano,” which will be performed in the Blackbox Theater in Griffiths.

Director and SLU Professor Chris Clarke and his 6-person cast of brilliant thespians, along with all the crew members, have worked hard this semester to create an entertaining show. As assistant director for the show, I’m definitely biased, but I think that it’s hilarious and absurd and generally a good time (hence why I begged to be a part of it). Missing it would surely be a mistake! It’s actually worth seeing more than once, I think. Every rehearsal I see something new, and I laugh.

Tickets are free, but you need one to get in. Tickets are available from November 5th to 9th from 1-5pm in the Gulick Box Office, or you can call 229-5748 during the aforementioned hours.

Also, on a little bit of a side note, but still related to theatre: Dr. Matt Saltzberg’s Suzuki Method workshop is this Monday from 5-7pm in NC 107 (that’s the Noble Center for non-artsies). Suzuki is a form of physical theatre and the workshop should be both fun and informative. For more information, find the SLU PCA departments fan page on Facebook (“SLU – PCA Department Productions”) or SLUWire it up.

– E. Riley Spellman.

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