The American Shakespeare Company!

This past weekend the American Shakespeare Company visited our lovely campus. If you missed them, shame on you, unless you had a perfectly good reason like homework or something. I had the chance of meeting some of the players last week. They’re all very nice people, very friendly as well. I unfortunately only had time to see one of the three shows. Twelfth Night, in case you all haven’t heard of it, is about [spoiler alert] a shipwrecked maiden named Viola who disguises herself as a man. Why does she disguise herself as a man you ask? Because being a woman without protection in an unknown land is dangerous. She becomes the page of Duke Orsino of Illyria, who’s in love with Olivia, a countess. As with many Shakespeare comedies, chaos ensues much to our enjoyment. I’ve read this play a few times and seen the movie adaptations many times, so it was nice to see it performed live. I think every St. Lawrence student should experience ASC if not a few times then at least once in their four years here.

~Caitlin S.

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