The Balloon Activity

Hey there!  I thought of something over break that my friends and I are going to do so I wanted to share it with you too.  It’s an activity you can do to help you focus and stay positive in the next couple of weeks, with cold weather and final exam pressures escalating.  You are going to need black balloons, colored balloons, helium, and it’s best to do this with group.  First everyone takes some black balloons and blows them up.  Each black balloon you have represents something that you are anxious, scared, frustrated, pessimistic, or angry about.  For example, the anxiety of a chemistry exam.  Then, one by one you will pop these balloons.  Physically and mentally you will be banishing these things.  Then you will take some colored balloons to blow up, which will symbolize the things you are satisfied with, optimistic about, and excited for (hopefully you will take a lot of colored balloons).  You can keep these balloons in your dorm room to keep a positive mindset or, as my friend said, you can let them float up into the sky.  I think this activity will help you become less stressed out and more at ease with your lives and what you need to do in the next couple of weeks.  =)

– Courtney G.

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