Studying with Explosions

Recently I’ve been struggling to find music that I can listen to while I study. Classical doesn’t do it for me anymore, and anything raucous or noisy is too distracting. I was on a quest for something mellow, but complex enough to keep my interest. It seemed that post-rock was the best choice. More specifically, Explosions In The Sky. This band is entirely instrumental, so there are no lyrics to get caught up in. Instead, the riveting guitar riffs and pulsating drumbeats tell a story of their own. When I’m writing, or reading I can put on Explosions and be transported to another place, one where the music pushes me forward and I find myself typing to a beat. This band is so incredible, and wonderful for studying that I only allow myself the pleasure of listening to them while I do work. Sometimes I have intense cravings for their songs, so I end up doing my homework for the sole purpose of listening to them.
I highly suggest giving them a listen if you need new music for studying, or if you are looking for new bands in general. The link below follows to my favorite song by them. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

A Song For Our Fathers — Explosions In The Sky

Raina Puels ’16

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