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(For my blog post I’m going to tag along to the previous posts on Canada and the Launch Party…)

 As Ally mentioned, I hope everyone is able to join The Laurentian Magazine staff this Thursday at 4:30 PM in the Sykes Formal Lounge for the launch party.  She’s going to present her Tanner Fellowship on poetry lessons for children, selected students will present their published pieces, as well as Professor Paul Graham.  I worked with Dining & Catering Services for some light snacks, so see you there!

 Like Hannah, I took a brief excursion to Canada this past weekend.  Quite often we can be so consumed with life within the bubble at St. Lawrence, we forget that there is another country at our access a mere 35 minutes away.  I went to Montreal in Quebec, which is about 2 ½ hours away by car—the same distance as Syracuse, NY!    We departed Thursday afternoon and after a brief detainment at the U.S.-Canada border (ridiculous), we were on our way to the 2nd largest city in Canada to see a Band of Horses concert.

 This was my third trip to Montreal, and as a 9th year student of French and Europe-enthusiast, I adore the place.  It is the 2nd largest city after Paris that is primarily French-speaking.  The Quebecois accent is very distinct though, so sometimes my French doesn’t translate.  Fortunately most of the city speaks English as their first or second language as well.  But not only do you hear these languages, but many others from Europe and Arabic, Creole, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portugeuese; Montreal makes for a fascinating blend of cultures.  The architecture blends the old-world European influence in historical sites with the sleek development of modern day finance, the Olympic stadiums of 1988 have been converted to the Biodome and there are even a few sprawling parks.

 So our main purpose for visiting Metropolis was to see Band of Horses, who played at the Metropolis.   Built in 1884, renovated in 1930, it is a former theatre located in the downtown area known as the Quartier des Spectacles.  It holds nearly 3,500 people with a seated balcony, seating in the back of the ground floor, an open space for standing (and dancing) at the front of the ground floor and several bars.  The concert was a riveting display of guitar and vocal talent, very raw but appearing easy on a backdrop of projected scenes from Western U.S.A.  I had an amazing time and I recommend that if a band you like is ever passing through, Montreal is worth the trip!

 And of course, we ended the night at La Banquise.  Open 24 hours a day all week, it is the Mecca of Montreal poutine.  Perfectly hot but not-too-greasy fries, melting cheese curds and a gravy sauce.  I ordered the Poutine à la Rachel that was smothered with grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms beneath the steaming sauce. 

 Et voilà, Montreal is truly a perfect weekend (or night-long) excursion.


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