Comics–Mixing Narrative and Art

Since the Laurentian Magazine is invested in so many different types of art and writing, I’ve been thinking for awhile that a post on comic books is in order. An art form located right at the intersections between drawing, writing, and entertainment, comics are a great place to get the daily dose of creativity and storytelling you might need. Don’t underestimate them either–even though most comic book movies might be about superheroes, the genre itself is filled to the brim with so many different options outside of capes and superspeed. Whether you want to check out award-winning titles such as “Sandman” by Neil Gaiman, crowd pleasers like the “Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman, or independent titles like “Tank Girl” by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, there’s always going to be something out there for you to enjoy. Here are some titles I recommend to start off, focusing especially on graphic novels and comics that have earned some respect over the years:

  • “Y! The Last Man,” written by Brian K. Vaughan
  • “Watchmen,” written by Alan Moore
  • “The Dark Knight Returns,” written by Frank Miller
  • “Transmetropolitan,” by Warren Ellis
  • “Astro City,” written by Kurt Busiek

Get reading and enjoy! Many graphic novels can be found at ODY as well.

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