Seeing Abigail Moss’s series of monologues, Witness was an incredibly emotional experience. Each monologue sought to explain the life of a woman with an eating disorder and all of the pain associated with it. From young women vomiting up their dinner while they’re still at the restaurant, to women struggling for decades with their eating disorder, and women just like us who subconsciously count calories and hate when our iPods fall off the tiny shelf of the treadmill. The raw emotion felt when the actors themselves cried on stage was felt by the entire audience. Each monologue was relatable, which is why it was such an effective show. It was also an informative show, because after the main production Abigail and her actors sat on the stage and answered audience questions about eating disorders, and how to help our friends and loved ones struggling with them. During this talk Abigail said she estimated 1 out of 4 St. Lawrence students has an eating disorder. I wish the entire student body had gotten the chance to see, and participate in this discussion. If Abigail’s goal in writing Witness was to create dialogue about eating disorders, she definitely succeeded. I am going to be thinking about this production for a very long time.

Raina Puels ’16

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