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Paradoxes of “Danskhed”

Paradoxes of “Danskhed” After spending a semester in Denmark, I can confidently say that I got the most cultural insight by living with a host family.  While talking with and observing my host parents, host brothers, and host relatives, I … Continue reading

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An Interview with Meredith Goodridge, B.A. Interior Design

An interview with Meredith Goodridge, B.A. Interior Design 1.  What got you interested in interior design? My interest in interior design sparked when I was a little girl. I loved going into Home Depot and kitchen&bath stores to help my … Continue reading

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SLU Infatuation

With Mid-Semester break behind us, we are quickly moving ahead with the 2nd half of the semester. For me, this semester has been worlds away from first semester last year. First semester last year began in the middle of a … Continue reading

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On studying Art History

I interviewed my mom, Robin Goodridge, who graduated from Colby College with a double major in French and Art History.  She loves the arts.   What made you decide to declare an Art History major? I knew going into college … Continue reading

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Made for you

While flipping through some of the poems in one of the journals Ben Aleshire brought in for today’s YAS, the title of one poem by Robert McKay got my attention.  “To be a tourist in your own city,” I read.  … Continue reading

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Comradery of the arts

“Rubber magnets… Highlights magazines with some doctor’s name on them… The snug saltbox houses at the end of the street that he loved so much… Charlotte’s web… Nobody said boo and we walked inside… Selling his record collection for a … Continue reading

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Deep Breaths In The North Country

Last Sunday a group of 15 Saint Lawrence students took a trip to Ottawa to try out heated yoga at some yoga studios there. It was a long day, we all met and the L.I.G.H.T house around 7:30 and were … Continue reading

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Hunger Strike, Raising Awareness

Education is the only proven method to help reduce recidivism rates, meaning that through education and a program of rehabilitation and personal change and growth, prisoners are at a far lower risk for re-offending and being sent back to prison. … Continue reading

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The Balloon Activity

Hey there!  I thought of something over break that my friends and I are going to do so I wanted to share it with you too.  It’s an activity you can do to help you focus and stay positive in … Continue reading

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Go on… hitRECord

Most of you are familiar with Joseph Gordon-Levitt – 500 Days of Summer, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises – but did you know that he owns hitRECord, an open-collaborative production company that gives profits to contributing artists?  Gordon-Levitt, who founded … Continue reading

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