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Hip-Hop in Ghana

Hi everyone! This week the Arts Collaborative is presenting an Arts Across the Curriculum event each night. Here is the link tonight’s event from SLUWire: https://stlawu-community.symplicity.com/index.php?s=em_event&mode=form&id=4ce43c13f607ca9e41895f6b057a17c2&occ=0cdea30f50e5f0ccb2eada28d7e18c8b&tab=details Thursday night there will be a concert given by M.anifest at the Underground in Noble … Continue reading

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Album Review: “Kill For Love” by the Chromatics

  Album cover: “Kill for Love” For anyone who has seen Nicolas Winding Refn’s film, Drive, with Ryan Gosling, or for those who are for better or worse, hopelessly in love with the 80’s (I raise my hand here), you’ve probably … Continue reading

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The Firs

I’ve always had an appreciation for unknown (obscure) bands, especially when I know people in them. When I went to college I deleted everyone on Facebook  from my former life (aka everyone I knew in high school), but for some … Continue reading

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