Blog #3: Work as Rehab

There are so many issues that a prisoner faces when he leaves his or her correctional facility. These challenges include housing, a source of income, transportation, rehab, and so on. I believe that the most important challenge to re-entry is employment. Being employed eliminates so many problems, from occupying time to making money to purchase food/housing/transportation. Being at work, as one of the inmates at the correctional facility told me, keeps people from being out in public, wondering how to get by or how to spend their day. Work keeps you busy and keeps you out of trouble, coming home tired, getting a good rest, waking up and doing it again. Staying on schedule is a huge part of reintegration, because with free time, bad choices that put a person in jail are much more likely to be made again if the person is off schedule. The money made at work can allow for so many doors to be opened, to get a fresh start in a new area, and to move away from the people and places that got them in jail in the first place. Having a job is a form of rehabilitation in itself when you really think about it.

Some barriers to getting hired include the employer’s lack of trust or skepticism towards hiring a former inmate. Also the lack of motivation from the inmate to continuously grind in terms of putting in the time searching for a job. Some support organizations include the federal bonding program and the state department of labor, which work with people who have employment challenges ( A couple of other websites include comprehensive lists of companies that are willing to hire former prisoners



An inmate could use these services to find employment and a better life.


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