About the Authors

Kara McDuffee

Hello! I am currently a junior at St. Lawrence University, and I’m an English Creative Writing and PCA Communications double major. Over my time here at SLU, I’ve taken a variety of writing classes and loved them all. So far, Creative Non-fiction has been my personal favorite, which is why I’m excited to be taking this Literary Journalism class. I also participate in a handful of other clubs and activities on campus, including the Women’s Basketball team, Dance Ensemble, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and the Liberty Partnership Program.

Rebecca Doser

Hi there! I am currently a sophomore at St. Lawrence University, and I am an English Creative Writing major. My favorite classes thus far have been Methods of Critical Analysis with Professor Caroline Breashears and Techniques of Fiction with Paul Graham. I am a news-writer for “The Hill News” and am also a copy-editor and layout manager of “The St. Lawrence Review”. I am also involved in other extracurricular activities including the Women’s Volleyball team, the Thelmathesian Society, ¬†and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.

Bridget Shea-Gander

Hi! I am a senior at St. Lawrence University, and I’m an Neuroscience Major and Creative Writing Minor. My favorite english classes so far have been Creative Non-Fiction, Methods of Critical Analysis and Intro. to Journalism so I am excited to combine my multiple interests. At SLU, I participated in the Campus Kitchens project, Pre-Health Club and Class Council. I also skied for two years on the Nordic Team.

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